model home

Flora Interiors takes pride in partnering with local Builders to create stunning and highly marketable Model Homes buyers fall in love with.

Staging builder spec homes is our specialty and a key way to improving their overall marketability. By investing in staging these types of properties, builders ensure that there isn't a disconnect for buyers between the model home (which is often gorgeous) and an empty spec home which doesn't hold the same appeal.

Just as we would with a vacant property, our goal is to highlight & showcase the key selling features, finishes & fixtures in the home so that these properties sell quickly. With modern furnishings, our team can beautifully stage the key selling areas so that buyers fall in love with the property and are motivated to make an offer. 

If you are a Builder, here is how Flora Interiors can help you make your next Model Home memorable

  • We can work with you from blue prints through construction, making all the design selections to ensure that your model has the modern appeal buyers are searching for

  • If you don’t have an established Buyer Selections Program, we can help you establish it by selecting a variety of standards and upgrades that will impress potential purchasers

  • Create a customized design and decorating plan for furnishing the model or spec home

  • Shop for all furnishings and install them into the model home (recommended for models which will be open 4+ months)

  • Provide beautiful rental furnishings for model or spec homes (recommended for properties that will be open 1 - 3 months)

  • Spec home staging program that ensures these ready-to-move-in properties sell quickly