Flora Styles: Urban Sanctuary

The first step of a journey is the most exhilarating. When you’re at the start of something new, you often can’t imagine where the adventure will lead. Creating Flora Interiors has been like that-- the wildest ride and one of the most rewarding experiences. It’s provided me an incredible opportunity to meet inspiring people and become invested in their lives in a meaningful, close-knit way.

I had the honor of collaborating on this kind of memorable project with a darling couple who built their dream home in the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood. This couple is all about organic style and ease of living. The idea was to create a connection with the natural world that worked equally well with a book in your lap during a quiet moment or a cocktail in hand at a party.

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Mid century modern style has a solid foundation with an emphasis on pared-down forms, contemporary patterns, natural materials, an investment in locally made artwork, and seamless flow between the outdoors and in to create a beautiful melody of functional comfort and chic style.

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We manifested a combination of design elements, from the iconic furnishings, strong patterns, bold lighting, and color choices to the flow of indoor and outdoor environments in this urban sanctuary. By incorporating a few authentic pieces throughout the space, you can anchor the style without spending a fortune on an entirely period-perfect look.

Paring down, from more to less, is another truly mid-century modern style philosophy. From the actual structure of the house and the layout of the levels to the items you fill it with, the ease of this style is grounded in the minimal-fuss and open feeling of the rooms. Stripping down to the essential forms in an environment doesn’t mean there’s no place for art, color, or glamour, but it does mean that each accent needs to be carefully considered. Make those original, bold pieces the centerpiece of otherwise simple spaces.

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We incorporated the philosophy of mid-century modern with the unique personality of our couple in the stunning Sloan’s Lake home. Choosing to keep the walls neutral, the couple went with a simple white paint then lined the baseboards with a gray trim. They added richness to the open concept of the main floor by painting an accent wall behind the formal dining table. Using a stunning jewel tone for the pop of color exuded a truly contemporary feel in the room.

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The artwork in the hallway and office were another opportunity for the couple to reflect their contemporary personalities in the space. The couple knew that they were ready to start investing in a personal art collection. They wanted art that was extra large, locally made, abstract, had a good direction in their color palette and were willing to hit the pavement on weekends or in their spare time to explore many galleries in Denver and Boulder.

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At Flora, we believe that personal pieces and thoughtful design choices make your spaces feel the most like home. You don’t need to start over with completely new furnishings or purchase a singular brand of popular stylings to achieve a design aesthetic. The vibrancy of each room is heightened by the memorable items that you display to tell your story. Your home should be a comforting place of refuge- a perfectly you, sanctuary of design and personality. Team up with Flora Interiors to turn your space into a true reflection of your style. Let’s make something beautiful together.