How To Make a Small Room Look Larger

The right mirror in the right place can absolutely make a room look larger. But more importantly, a mirror can be a great way to add depth, creativity and style to a room. Here are a few simple ways to make the most of your mirrors:

1.       Reflect the outdoors – Strategically place your mirror across from windows to bring maximum light into the room. For more impact, hang or lean a large mirror directly opposite the largest window.

2.       Replace art with a mirror – Instead of art, hang a floor-length mirror horizontally to open up the room.

3.       Lean in – If your mirror is about three-fourths as tall as the wall, trying leaning instead of hanging it. For more impact, lean it behind a sofa or even a console table.

4.       Spruce up a fireplace – Take full advantage of the fireplace in summer months by using a mirror to create dimension and interest to the room. Just fit a mirror toward the back and add pillar candles in a variety of sizes in front.

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