The Art of Hanging Art

One of the most common mistakes we see when we do a walk-through consultation for an occupied home is in the placement of artwork. These are the top two mistakes and the simple ways to correct them.

MISTAKE 1 - Most often artwork is hung too high and you find yourself looking up to enjoy and appreciate the piece. Keep in mind that in your home people are generally seated while looking around and art that is hung too high can be even more awkward.

CORRECTION – Hang your art with the center of the piece at average eye level.  Most galleries hang art so that the center of the artwork, not the top of the piece, is about 58 – 60” high. This means you need to do some math: Measure the distance between the wire and the top of the frame, and measure the height of the art and divide it in half.

MISTAKE 2 – Artwork is not in the proper scale for the wall and throws off the balance of the room. Even if the piece of art is as large as 3’ x 5’ it may still be too small for the space you have chosen.

CORRECTION -  If you have a huge open wall, you will want to work around your furniture using the general rule of covering 2/3 to 3/4 of that area with your artwork.  If just one piece looks too tiny on the wall (especially in a narrow space), hang a vertical series of pieces of the same size. Groupings of three and five create a natural center and keeping the space between each piece the same creates a more unified look.

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