I'm Ready to Sell...Maybe

"I'm ready to sell. I've already emotionally detached and prepared to do whatever it takes to stage." How often we hear this when first meeting the homeowners for an Occupied Stage Consultation. But we know from experience that this is frequently a case of "easier said than done." Selling your home is filled with so many emotions, from excitement to anticipation - even at times a little sadness. Whatever the case, the process can be overwhelming. This is one of the most important reasons to hire a professional stager rather than trying to do it all yourself. We help you make the hard choices, like repainting your beloved violet master bedroom in a color that will appeal to buyers in your target demographic or packing away your overflowing collection of Star Wars figures so buyers can see and appreciate the amazing storage space that your built-in cabinetry provides. Our job is to help you prepare your house to sell quickly and at the best price and helping you manage the emotions and stress is an essential first step.