Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Stager

When you’re trying to sell your home the top priority is to get the highest sales price as quickly as possible. By bringing in an expert stager to help you determine what parts of your home are assets that should be showcased and which areas need to be minimized or modified for mass appeal. It’s a consistent trend that real estate agents are strongly encouraging their clients to work with a professional stager. When it comes to selling your home, there’s really no better investment than professional staging.


1. Staged Homes Sell Faster

Professional stager can quickly assess how to merchandise your home and recommend if you will need cosmetic improvements, redesign or rental of modern furniture and accessories. Professional insight and expertise in the real-estate competition around your location gives you an advantage by knowing what works and what doesn’t for potential buyers. According to RESA professionally staged properties prior to listing sold 73% faster. People are driven by emotion. When you let a professional stager work their magic in your space, you’re essentially letting potential buyers know that it’s okay to lust after your home and put in their top dollar offers.

2. Maximize Your Sales Price

When your home makes a great first impression and emotional connection to buyers, you’re likely to have some good leverage during the negotiation.  About a third of realtors polled believe that staged homes can increase the amount a buyer is willing to spend by up 5 to 10 percent.  The return on investment of home staging is 8-12% more than a non-staged home. By selling faster and for the highest price it’s a no-brainer to stage your home early.

3. Professional Stagers Work Objectively

Homes that are decorated or styled exceptionally will still benefit from professional staging. That’s because staging shifts your focus to the actual home and layout, instead of the personal choice in décor. A professional stager knows how to make your home resonate with a variety of design types. They work objectively based on your home’s location and price range, so it doesn’t matter whether your buyer prefers a contemporary style or a traditional feel—they’ll still love the vibe of your home.

4. It Highlights Your Home’s Best Features

Today’s homebuyers have limitless access to design ideas and they’re usually well informed about what they want. Now more than ever, your home needs to look polished and move-in ready. Professional stagers work to optimize the flow and feel of every room by placing the right-sized furniture strategically in just the right spot. They know how to arrange rooms so your eye is drawn to its best attributes—like the gorgeous fireplace, or the room’s amazing view of the backyard.

5. A Professional Stager Has Inventory

It’s a fact that rooms appear smaller with no furniture. Having potential buyers walk through an empty home leaves them questioning how furniture could or would fit in a space.  Only 10% of people can visualize how furniture will fit in a space. By strategically staging each room it maximizes the potential to create that emotional connection with everyone who walks through the door. When you hire a professional stager you’re not just getting their expertise, you’re tapping in to their inventory. A good stager has access to missing puzzle pieces for your home—in the shape of loveseats, mirrors, rugs, and other items that will make your space shine.

6. Redesign as an Option

It is not always a total redo or vacant staging scenario. At times its possible to use what you have by editing, rearranging furniture for better flow or swapping items from other rooms in the house. Expert home stagers can start with the assets that exist within your home minimizing the expense of renting furniture by the month.

7. Less Stress with Professional Staging

Don’t underestimate the value of peace of mind. Calling in a professional means you’re getting the highest quality and service possible. Staging is a science as much as an art. Hiring a professional lets you take another step back from your current space. By leaving the style tricks to your stager, it’s easier to keep your eyes forward and focused on finding your new dream home.

8. A Home Stager is not the same as a Real Estate Agent

A home stager is a third party hired to market and merchandise your home throughout by creating an atmosphere that resonates with potential buyers when they walk in the door. Unlike a realtor, that helps you navigate the buying and selling process and the legalities of both.

9. Staging Helps Online Photos Pop

In today’s digital marketplace almost everyone looks at a home online before creating the shortlist to view in person. Selecting the appropriate furniture and decor can make every room feel inviting.  Fill your online listing with professional pictures to attract the more serious buyers.  They’ll fall in love with it online before walking in the door.

10. Only 1 out of 10 Buyers Can See potential of a Space

This is perhaps the most shocking yet most important statistic. You don't want the unique advantages of your home to be overlooked and left up to the buyer's imagination. An expert home stager is fluent on the latest design trends and experience in what’s needed to create the right environment quickly and at the lowest cost.  Creates a livable experience to potential homebuyers that helps them conceptualize reading books by the fireplace or entertaining backyard BBQs that immediately creates an emotional attachment to the home.


Staging is a strategic marketing tool in any market that is critical in getting the highest sales price for your home. Selling your home can be a stressful process. Throughout the process your home will be transformed to optimize its charm and resonate with potential homebuyers allowing them to visualize their family in the space and immediately make an emotional connection to the property. Get the top value for your home